Sunday 20 April 2014

EARTH DAY-Lots of FRENCH Activities for Everyone!

EARTH DAY-Lots of FRENCH Activities for Everyone!

Earth Day is but once a year...celebrate our GREAT planet in FRENCH too!!!
"Le Jour de la Terre"
This awesome resource includes the following:
*Math activities (symmetry, sorting and graphing)
*Lots of writing templates and organizers
*Games...How Many Words Can You Make?...
*Story starter template
*Design a t-shirt/Banner/Flag template
*Two word searches
*Environment Alphabet Game
*Poem: "Ah! Que La Terre est Belle" and accompanying activity
*Two different levels of acrostic poems
*Bubble flow chart (Great for Brainstorming)
*R-R-R Sorting Activities
*Two Colour by Number Activities
LOTS of ENGAGING materials! 

Package offers lots of variety and choice.
This resource is great for students in French Immersion or Core French Grades 1-6

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