Sunday 25 August 2013

All About Me (C'est Moi!) in FRENCH. Great first days of school activity!

This kit contains EVERYTHING you need to assist students in putting together a mini autobiography or getting to know you booklet in FRENCH. It is suitable as a first days of school activity. Photocopy the whole/some of the booklet and watch your kids have fun completing each of the pages.
This booklet provides templates with visual markers so that ALL students can provide answers at their individualized level of learning. I have not numbered the pages so that you can insert personalized pages if necessary or use certain pages only. I have also provided a blank page with the border for the same purpose. Students love talking about themselves--this provides as great venue for self expression! It is great for all levels of FSL core french or grades 1-3 of French Immersion. 

Download:  TeacherPayTeacher