Sunday 25 August 2013

French Game on COLORS--J'ai---Qui a...Fun for the WHOLE class!!!!

This is a game that the whole-class (for up to 30 students) can play. It is themed with "Color Vocabulary". It provides students with the opportunity for oral interaction (in FRENCH) as they practice their color vocabulary.

The game is similar to a chain whereby a student asks "Qui a..." that is printed on his/her card and the student with the corresponding clue responds with "J'ai...". Then that student asks a question that is on the back of his/her card. The game is timed and students play to beat their time score not each other, as they all participate. This game is lots of FUN and takes place totally in FRENCH! Best of all it is appropriate for all learning abilities. I have included some blank cards that can be personalized to suit your classroom needs. There are enough cards for THIRTY students.

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